- HÅRDA TIDER just finished recording their side of the split w. NIGHT FEVER.
Erik is working on the cover as I type this....so we're hoping to have this sent to press real soon!
- DRY HEAVES from Sheffield, UK are wrapping up their LP recording these days - more news on that asap!

- Seems like the pressing plant is flooded with work - so all the records currently at press are delayed til mid/late september sadly!

- The repress of the NIGHT FEVER "New blood" 12" is back - this time on blue wax.
- The PRIMITIVE RITES "Amount to nothing" E.P. has been shipped from the pressing plant and should be here next week.
There's a release party planned in Malmö on the 5th of September as well!
- Also on it's way (finally) is the DAMAGED HEAD "Tunnel vision" 12". Should be here next week I hope!
- The test presses for both the AGENT ATTITUDE "Deranged realities" LP and the NIGHT FEVER "Vendetta" 12" have been approved and should be here within reasonable time...
- NIGHT FEVER are touring Brazil in September - it will be insane!
- The recording for the upcoming NEU-RONZ E.P. is done and everything should be ready to go to press within the next 1-2 weeks.... To everyone not familiar, NEU-RONZ is a new'ish Stockholm HC act - and they rock!
- NIGHT FEVER and HÅRDA TIDER are doing a split 12" to coincide with their tour of Europe in October.....I'm super stoked for this!!!
...and last (but not least) - don't forget the K-TOWN ON WHEELS weekend:

- The PRIMITIVE RITES "Amount to nothing" E.P. test press should be here shortly.
- The 2nd test press for the DAMAGED HEAD "Tunnel vision" 12" has been cut - now it can hopefully be approved.
- The AGENT ATTITUDE "Deranged realities" 12" and the NIGHT FEVER "Vendetta" 12" will go to press this week!
- DRY HEAVES are recording for an LP in early July to be released later this summer/early autum...
- I will be out of the office for all of July - so please be patient with emails etc.