- The DRY HEAVES LP is out as of now!

- The NEU-RONZ E.P. is out as of now!
Expect a release party in Stockholm to be announced real soon.

- The DRY HEAVES records have arrived as well - covers are printed and should be en route this week! I'll make some formal announcement once I have everything in hand!
- The Heaves are playing Leeds at the I'LL DIE IF I WANT TO... Fest this friday. The records should be available there...so go see them if you can.
- NIGHT FEVER are playing the same fest on the saturday along with a bunch of other great bands...

- Both the LESION + STRESS SS test presses have been approved! Hope the Record Store Day nonsense won't delay these too long!!!

- We're still waiting on artwork for the THE WAR GOES ON LP + the POLIO & JULIE E.P.