Due to damages to a large portion of the THE WAR GOES ON covers - I can't keep up with wholesale / trades right now. My apologies.
I will have this sorted and will be doing my best to get back to everyone asap!

The THE WAR GOES ON "s/t" LP is finally out.

A special K-Town edition with an OBI strip + a pin will be available through mailorders.
I only have half of the pressing, with many being spoken for already. So don't snooze on these.
Try New Dark Age Recs. in the States for copies there.

I'll be on tour with SKIZOPHRENIA (jp) and JUNTA from April 29th - May 7th -

29/4 (Only Junta) @ Insikten in Jönköping, SWE

30/4 @ Cyklopen in Stockholm, SWE
w. Damaged Head (swe) - Mörbultad (swe) - Blodad Tand (swe) - War Nerve (swe)

1/5 @ Barrikaden in Oslo, NO
w. The Ødelæggers (no) - Negativ (no)

2/5 @ 128A in Göteborg, SWE
w. Dunderhästen Blixten (swe)

3/5 @ Plan B in Malmö, SWE
w. Svart Städhjälp (swe)

4/5 @ Dödsmaskinen in Copenhagen, DK
w. Arsle (swe)

5/5 @ Køpi in Berlin, DE
w. Glorious? (swe)

6/5 (only Junta) - Germany - NEED HELP!!!

7/5 (only Junta) - Hafengeburtstag @ Hafenstrasse i Hamburg, DE
w. Lucky Malice (no) - Fleas & Lice (nl) - Bullanow Brawl - Contempt - Republic of Waste

- Coming up/Currently at press:
JT#02 - JUNTA "Aranhas" E.P.
AC#39 - SNOR "Totalna Cisza" E.P.
AC#40 - GLORIOUS? "Who are they to impose restrictions" LP
and more.

Some news - (no April fools joke):
- I just uploaded the SNOR E.P. for press today! If you haven't checked out these punx yet. Do yourself a favour and head to their bandcamp site for the full Demo/E.P.. This is some seriosly catchy and bouncy raw punk sheeet!!!
- I just recieved a recording by Malmö raw punk/d-beat connoisseurs GLORIOUS? These guys have recorded a monster of an LP with Fat Lillis in the Black Lodge that should go to press as soon as artwork is done!

I'm alwyas trying to patch up holes in my K-Town punk/hc/metal flyer+poster collection from 1990-2015. So if you have doubles of something or stuff that you don't need please do get in touch....Rewards are not unheard of.