The DOGMATIST test presses have arrived and should be approved asap! The records should still be able to make it for the release party in Copenhagen on the 11th of April.....

The rough mix for the upcoming NIGHT FEVER 12" has just arrived at the HQ - I can't wait to see the reaction for this mother fucker!!!!

The DAMAGED HEAD "Tunnel vision" 12" has been sent to press. Hopefully we'll have these ready for the Euro tour in early May. Cover art should be just round the corner.

We also did a run of 100 copies of the POLIO & JULIE demo. While waiting for them to record their debut E.P. with Las Ballade for A.C.

I just recieved a raw mix of 15 tracks for the upcoming DAMAGED HEAD "Tunnel vision" 12" today.
This is so pissed off and catchy I can't seem to unclench my fists or sit still....and it's still just the raw mix....fucking hell....on my 5th listen right now :-)

Check out a track while we wait -

Cover artwork is being worked on as I type this - and I will send this off the second everything is done so it can be ready for the DAMAGED HEAD/AGENT ATTITUDE tour in May for sure...

PRIMITIVE RITES from Malmö just sent me 6 tracks for an upcoming E.P. Following the path they set out on, on their 12" from a while back - fat n' gruff hardcore. Ugh!

DAMAGED HEAD are throwing a release party for the E.P. @ Psykosen in Uppsala on the 22nd of Feb. with Infernöh among others....
Do yourself a favour and snatch a copy of the E.P. before their upcoming 12" hits you between the eyes!

The DOGMATIST "Figurehead..." E.P. and the "Worn out welcome" LP have both been sent to the pressing plant.
We are planning a release party on the 11th of April @ Basement in Copenhagen....more news soon!

The masters for the DOGMATIST E.P. and LP will be sent to the plant asap...
Check out a few songs from the LP - HERE!

The limited edition of the AGENT ATTITUDE "Repulsive action" E.P. is now sold out from A.C.
The regular version is running low as well.... Try Monument Recs or the band for a copy.

The AGENT ATTITUDE "Repulsive action" E.P. and the DAMAGED HEAD "s/t" E.P. are here now!!!

The AGENT ATTITUDE "Repulsive action" E.P. and the DAMAGED HEAD "s/t" E.P. are on the way from the pressing plant to the bands in Uppsala and Stockholm....copies will be available asap!
I will however be "out of office" for some days - so the records won't start shipping til early January.

Other news:
- AGENT ATTITUDE are throwing a release party for their new E.P. in Uppsala on the 18th of Jan....if you're in the area - be sure to catch a glimmer of the madness....
- The DOGMATIST LP + E.P. are on their way to Enormous Door for mastering and should be off to the plant soonish.
- DAMAGED HEAD are hitting the studio again in January to record for an upcoming 12" E.P. for Adult Crash...
- NIGHT FEVER are recording for their much delayed next LP in Febuary.....